On Fogo Island, like in most rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, our food traditions have been largely influenced by the sea that surrounds us, the abundance of wild berries that cover our hills and the root vegetables that our resourceful ancestors coaxed from the challenging but rich soil.

Our ancestors who came here from Europe were a creative, resilient people who lived from the land and the sea – always in a humble but dignified co-existence with the natural world. They fished in the harshest ocean, they picked the abundant berries on our hills  and they grew things – lots of things – on a land that would not at first suggest agricultural richness. This long experience combined with the food heritage they brought with them across the ocean form the basis of our food culture today. It is a textured and varied heritage that is of this place. On Fogo Island we still fish, we still forage and we still farm.

The food at Nicole’s Café is a collaboration among the people who fish, forage and farm and our team  - who create unique, culturally rich, locally relevant, inventive food.  It is the food of our ocean, of our land, of our history, of our people and of our ingenuity.

Nicole’s Café is the place to experience the scope of Newfoundland Regional Cuisine – from Jigg’s Dinner that was brought by our ancestors when they emigrated from the old country on ships across the Atlantic to modern interpretations our very famous Salt Cod to the seasonal excitement of vibrant greens from our local gardens. Nature has graced Fogo Island with an abundance of berries – partridgeberries, blueberries, bakeapples & marshberries to name a few. These berries make regular and creative appearances on Nicole’s menu.

Our food is authentic and culturally rich. Come visit us – you will get to know us through our food.